Meeek – Bio Links SaaS (WordPress)

Unlock the power of your online presence with the Meeek – WordPress Bio Links SaaS, your all-in-one solution for maximizing your impact and connecting with your audience effortlessly.

Link In Bio WordPress SaaS - Meeek
Link In Bio WordPress SaaS - Meeek
Link In Bio WordPress SaaS - Meeek
Link In Bio WordPress SaaS - Meeek
Link In Bio WordPress SaaS - Meeek

Regular or Extended License?

The Regular License should be purchased if a site owner does not have plans to receive subscription payments from paying customers (a personal link-in-bio website). Purchase Regular License

The Extended License contains the module that enables payment packages and features. Site owners can monetize the SaaS by using any available payment method only if an extended license is acquired. Purchase Extended License. Already purchased an Extended License? Unlock the payments module here.

8x Vertical Style Demos:


Features List:

  • Customizable Link Pages:
    Create stunning and personalized link pages that showcase your brand, content,
    and social media profiles in a visually appealing way.
  • Multiple Link Management:
    Easily manage multiple links in one centralized location. Update, rearrange,
    or remove links as needed without any hassle.
  • Social Media Integration:
    Seamlessly connect your social media accounts to your bio links page, allowing
    visitors to explore and connect with you across various platforms.
  • Call-to-Action Buttons:
    Add powerful call-to-action buttons to drive specific actions, such as
    subscribing to your newsletter, purchasing a product, or booking a service.
  • Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Design:
    Ensure a seamless user experience across all devices. Bio Links
    websites are designed to be fully responsive and mobile-friendly, enabling visitors to access your
    content on smartphones and tablets.
  • Easy Installation & Setup.
  • Extensive Offline & Online
  • Payments with Paddle
  • Easy to use options.
  • Create, customize & reorder your links in minutes.
  • Perfect for Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn creators.
  • Share your links page from your TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and any other bios.
  • Track data and metrics regarding page and individual links access.
  • Stop paying monthly fees to other bio link services.
  • Fast as lightning and easy to use.
  1. Lack of customization: Free bio link tools often offer limited customization options. You are typically restricted to a pre-designed template and limited color schemes, making it challenging to maintain a consistent branding or personalize your profile according to your needs. With Meeek you get endless customization possibilities.
  2. Brand dilution: By using a free bio link tool, you essentially promote the tool’s brand alongside your own. This can dilute your personal or business brand and divert attention away from your content. It’s more effective to have a custom domain or landing page that solely represents your brand.
  3. Limited analytics and tracking: Free bio link tools generally offer limited analytics and tracking capabilities. Understanding your audience and their engagement patterns is crucial for effective social media marketing. With a dedicated website or landing page, you can leverage more robust analytics tools to gain deeper insights into your audience’s behavior (Using Google Analytics for example).
  4. Potential reliability issues: Since free bio link tools are widely used, they may experience occasional reliability issues. This could result in downtime or slow loading times for your links, which can negatively impact user experience and potentially hinder your goals, such as driving traffic to your website or online store.
  5. Security and privacy concerns: When using a free service, you may have less control over your data and its security. While reputable companies take privacy seriously, there is always a risk that your information could be compromised or used for targeted advertising without your consent. Be cautious when granting permissions or providing personal details.
  6. Missed SEO opportunities: Having a dedicated website or landing page allows you to optimize your content for search engines, improving your visibility and discoverability. Free bio link tools often lack the necessary features and flexibility to implement effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, which could limit your organic reach.
  7. Potential limitations on link options: Free bio link tools typically impose restrictions on the number of links you can include in your bio. If you have multiple online platforms or campaigns you want to promote, you may find yourself limited by the tool’s constraints. A dedicated website or landing page provides greater flexibility and room for expansion.


We do not provide refunds for these sorts of mistaken purchases. Due to the nature of digital goods, it’s not possible to “return” them. Therefore, refunds can only be given for products that are broken, but this is not the case, as our theme has been reviewed and accepted by an Envato review team.