Media WordPress Plugins


 Key features Quickly create any post type out of video links; Control how embeds look from plugin options; Responsive video embeds; Import video title and description plus image; Embed videos using your WordPress theme instead of plugin; Switch between WordPress themes without losing information; Embed videos into post content or add button that opens modal

Simple Video Player svPlayer Plugin

  WordPress 3.5+ Responsive design Mobile Support Support mp4,ogg,webm All browsers compatibility Support fullscreen video background

Torchbox Image Lightbox

 A New Take on Lightboxes We wanted to create a lightbox that performs a few things: A LIGHTBOX THAT DOES ITS JOB: SHOW HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGES What we disliked about lightboxes is that when you click on an image, you’re given a loading icon and you are forced to wait until the high resolution image

Audio Merchant – HTML5 Audio Player

 Features Sell OR showcase your audio directly to your listeners! Playlist support! Create & share different playlist for your audio! Full eCommerce and checkout features built-in! Connects to PayPal! PayPal IPN built-in! Supports .wav, .mp3, .ogg, .wma & .m4a files! Full order tracking and customer management built-in! Multiple pricing formats! You can sell your audio

Inventive stock player

 Inventive stock player is a premium wordpress plugin created for videomakers and musicians whose have their videos and audioprojects on different music libraries. We musicians know that a lot of time we need our music works in a lot of music libraries, one because it’s good to have our music shared in a lot of

Ultimate Media Background

 Display full screen media backgrounds You can display full screen video, image, and/or color backgrounds. Support’s videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Dailymotion, and HTML5. Simple to Use Unlike other plugins that make you go all over your WordPress website to find where you want to insert your shortcode, with UMBG you simply select where you

Plate III – music & streaming plugin

 Plate III player is one of the best player plugins for WordPress. It will be a good choice both for internet radio stations, blogs and artists fan sites. Plate III is fully responsive, also it’s got retina ready design so you don’t have to worry about the picture, the retina display users will see. Say

Nude Image Blocke

  The role of this plugin is to help wordpress administrator(s) / website owners to control and block images with explicit (nude/porn) content. It can be described as a background running process which is activated on every image upload and/or comment posting. The plugin is highly customizable so, its scanning behavior can be changed according

IMDb for WordPress

 The IMDb for WordPress plugin allows you to display movies, series and actors by simply pasting an IMDb link into your editor or make use of the Widget.   Features Paste an IMDb link into your editor and it will be converted magically into a stylish movie/tv show/actor box. Additionally you can use the [imdb] shortcode to switch the

Image Crop

 The Image Crop Plugin is created for a more convenient cropping of an image in a browser before sending it to the media lib. Plugin allows to crop large-size images that do not fit your screen. Plugin allows to set a necessary size of an image, e.g. 400×300 It is possible to switch on or