MailChimp Social WordPress

How it works?

This plugin let your public subscribe your newsletter via Facebook, Hotmail, Google, LinkedIn, VK and by just typing the email. What’s the bonus? Users do not have to confirm the email because the email is already “confirmed”. You can collect their First, Last Name and Birthday! It’s really simple to configure the plugin, I made a awesome tutorial you can found it in the tab “Help”!

You can choose for each service if it should use single or double opt-in. Users can choose between different lists to subscribe. You can define the groupings and add radio inputs from your MailChimp List!

Plugin Compatibility

You can use this plugin with others by just put the special shortcode: [mailchimp_social_wp_popovers]
The others plugins must support WordPress Shortcodes!
For example, you can use this with Pop Overs, Opt-in plugins etc!

What do you get when you purchase this item?