Lightweight Cookie Notice

Lightweight Cookie Notice - 1

Lightweight Cookie Notice is a lightweight and customizable cookie plugin for WordPress.

The main features of Lightweight Cookie Notice:

  • Written in pure JavaScript with a single 8kb file (gzipped) that handles the DOM, the style, and the events
  • Support for the WordPress Transients API for zero impact in terms of PHP performance
  • An outstanding number of 112 customization options
  • Support for all the most common caching plugins
  • Geolocation with two of the best IP geolocation services
  • Support for multiple cookie categories
  • Cookies catalogs

Lightweight Cookie Notice features

Pure JavaScript

Lightweight Cookie Notice works with a single small file (8kb gzipped) written in pure JavaScript and loaded in the page footer.

No additional files are added to the page. DOM elements, CSS styles, and events listeners are all generated with the only JavaScript file executed by the plugin.

By replacing your current cookie plugin with Lightweight Cookie Notice, you reduce the number of HTTP requests, which is incredibly beneficial for your SEO.


With this plugin, you can display the cookie notice only to visitors located in specific countries.

The position of the visitor is retrieved with the service or with the MaxMind GeoLite2 database.

Extremely Customizable

This plugin includes 112 customization options that you can use to control aspects like:

  • The style and content of the cookie notice
  • The style and content of the cookie settings modal window
  • The geolocation services and the targeted countries
  • The capabilities required to access the plugin menus
  • Technical functionalities of the plugin

Support for caching plugins

Lightweight Cookie Notice supports the most common caching plugins:

Additional details on the configuration changes required to support Lightweight Cookie Notice are available in the Caching Plugins section of the plugin manual.

Your visitors will be able to activate or deactivate specific categories of cookies with toggles displayed in the cookie settings modal window.

Display cookies

With the included Gutenberg block (or with a shortcode), you can display lists of cookies in your posts or the cookie settings modal windows.

The following fields are available for each cookie:

A convenient button to delete the preference of the user is provided. You can include this button in your cookie policy to give the users the ability to delete their cookie preferences.

Transients are supported

This plugin does not perform queries to the WordPress database because the cookie notice data are cached with the WordPress transient API.

Custom Expiration Period

You can set the expiration of the cookie preferences set by the user based on your needs.

  • Name
  • Expiration
  • Purpose
  • Provider
  • Domain
  • Type
  • Sensitivity
  • Security

Test Mode

Create the perfect cookie notice without actually displaying it on your live website. With this mode enabled, only the website administrator will see and interact with the cookie notice.

Gutenberg Ready

WordPress has changed, and the TinyMCE editor has been replaced with the new Gutenberg editor. This plugin comes with two dynamics Gutenberg blocks, one to display lists of cookies and one to show a delete cookie preferences button.

Import and Export

The import and export feature available in Lightweight Cookie Notice allows you to archive the plugin data as XML files, so you can quickly move a perfectly configured cookie notice between websites.


This plugin makes use of the following resources:


This product can include GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from