Kraft – WordPress Website Builder

Scalable WordPress Website Builder

Kraft is a visual no-code WordPress website builder that creates modular and fast websites.

Kraft is a Website Builder. It does not load your current page content for editing like Page Builders.

Kraft stands out by providing essential elements and a modular component system, steering clear of the widget overload common in other builders. This approach enables users to effortlessly craft custom components, ensuring a website creation experience that is not only clean and efficient but also sustainable.

A Limitless Builder

Easily create your entire website. Enjoy the freedom to download and duplicate the theme as you wish.

Direct Theme Creation

Kraft uniquely generates real WordPress theme folders directly, bypassing the need to store designs in its database, thereby ensuring optimal performance.

Craft Scalable Websites

Utilize components, variables, and classes for easy and rapid scaling. Develop robust design systems while avoiding repetition.

Dynamic Data Flow

Utilize dynamic data in any section of your website. Repeat arrays using the loop element and fetch dynamic data with the query element.


Offers almost all styling options such as multiple backgrounds, shadows, simplified custom-designed style interfaces, class management, CSS Grid and more.


Kraft provides a detailed and effective way to handle interactions. It uses classes to manage interactions, allowing responses to complex conditions and user actions.

Interactions also make it easier to create interactive experiences by enabling you to use states and events with components.

Custom Assets Manager

We believe that keeping design and content separate will offer a sustainable working environment, which is why Kraft has a pleasant asset library.

Performance and SEO

Kraft differs from other builders by directly creating classic theme files, the fastest approach. It efficiently analyzes and uses only essential codes, avoiding performance issues common with dynamic views.


Transform any element into a component, edit it from a single location, whether by adding properties, creating slot elements, or defining custom style settings. This is the most advanced component system developed to date.


Add conditions to elements or styles; if the conditions are met, the styles or elements should be visible.

No Lock-In

The best feature of Kraft is that you can uninstall the plugin after building your site, and your site will continue to run smoothly. The created website is not dependent on any plugins or updates.