Imagine WordPress Animator

Create Animating Scenes Using Pur CSS classes. Up to ten different sequences with delays and animation durations.

Say good by to video. Create dynamic HTML scenes using Imagine CSS action classes.

Complete with backend scense creation tool to make scene creation easier.

    • Up to 10 Animation Sequences Per Element.
    • Over 1500 Preset Animation Action Classes To Choose From.
    • Create Your Own Custom Classes.
    • Spin/Flip/Rotate/Scale/Size/Colors/Margins/Padding…
    • Create Unlimited Scenes.
    • Backend Scene Creation Tool.
    • Inview or Mouseover triggers
    • Play Once or Unlimited Times.
    • Pure CSS animations
    • WordPress 3.7+ Ready

No Shortcodes – Just plain old HTML

Notable Limitations

Transform Limitations:

You cannot use multiple classes that trigger css tranforms(rotate, scale, etc).

Inview Limitations:

To use the Inview trigger in a loop meaning the animation triggers each time the scene is in view the page must be large enough to scroll the scene out of view and then back into view.

Spin Action Classes do not work with Safari.

No support for IE8.