Image Fetcher – Featured Image Convertor

What is an Image Fetcher?

Image Fetcher is a simple plugin that automatically converts image link to the featured image easily and quickly! Basically you can start converting by just one click!

Now with the Remove Image Tags via Fetching option! – Image Fetcher will set first image tag to the featured image and then removes the image tag!

Now with the new option – your image link will be automatically converted to the featured image after you publish or update the post!

Now with the Back up and Restore option! – You can easily back up or restore important tables using just one click!

Also Image Fetcher after setting up the featured image removes img tag from post content (depends on settings)!

For example you have got posts with lots of content and lots of image links and you have not set featured image yet. It´s time to use our plugin in this case. Using a single button click you can set the first image link (depends on settings) from the content to the featured image from all posts.


  • Automatically sets image link as featured image from all posts
  • Automatically sets image link as featured image after publishing or updating a single post!
  • Automatically removes image tag and sets as featured image after publishing or updating a single post (img tag removal depends on settings)!
  • 5 setting options
  • Backup and Restore important tables
  • Converting stats
  • Easy to use – just one click!
  • User-friendly interface
  • Clean code
  • Documentation and Support
  • Fully tested on WP3.8 and WP3.9