Icecat Connector For WooCommerce

WooCommerce Icecat Extension

The WooCommerce Icecat Plugin connects your WooCommerce store to Icecat. It allows you to enrich the WooCommerce product data with the wide Icecat catalog.

The best thing about this module is that it allows you to import several products in just a couple of minutes, saving you time by reducing the need to manually enter product information.

Icecat provides rich and standardized product content, which can improve the presentation of your products and enhance the shopping experience for customers.

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Why Icecat Plugin for WooCommerce?

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Features of WooCommerce Icecat Plugin

  • Icecat products can be imported by Admin using the Icecat id, GTIN, Brand, and Product Code.
  • Import the product with the specific language.
  • Already imported products can be updated or deleted.
  • Import category along with the product from the Icecat catalog.
  • Use WooCommerce categories to import products.

Highlighted Features

1 – Improve product content

Icecat provides rich and standardised product content that can improve the presentation of your products.

2 – Multilanguage Support

You can select the languages in which you want to fetch the product details from Icecat.

3 – Enrich Product

Using the WooCommerce Icecat extension, you can import the product from Icecat to WooCommerce.

4 – Time-Saving

Save the countless hours you spend writing long descriptions for your products.

Business Use

The “WooCommerce Icecat Extension” is a plugin that connects to the Icecat catalog to import product details and data.

Icecat is a product share network that collects product data from multiple producers and brands, including specifications, images, and descriptions.

This plugin allows the online store owners to import product data from the Icecat catalog directly into their WooCommerce store.

Your products are more likely to be found by potential customers through search engines and stores with better product data and more detailed information.

Change Log

"Initial Public release v 1.0.0"( 15-07-2023