Hover Effects Framework for WordPress

Hover Effects Framework for WordPress is a robust and beautiful framework to made your images shine with Visual Composer for client job or your own project in a awesome way. With unlimited colors, light and dark version and 100+ animations to choose and a lot of examples you can do anything you want, the simplicity is the key.

Visual Composer Grid System

Grid system is a awesome and robust tool that comes with visual composer for you divide your hover effects by columns.

Icomoon & Nucleo Icons Fonts

Icomoon ultimate font & Nucleo outline and solid is a gift that you have inside this pack with over 3000+ icons your hover effects will look awesome with this, add colors, animations whatever you want.


  • Retina Ready Hover Effects
  • Hover Effects Light & Dark Versions
  • Hover Effects with 100+ Animations to choose
  • Hover Effects Unlimited Colors Included
  • Hover Effects with Fixed and Fluid Container
  • Hover Effects with Tags examples
  • Hover Effects with Links examples
  • Hover Effects with Opacity
  • Hover Effects without Caption
  • Hover Effects with Border Animated
  • Full Responsive
  • & Many More

Change Log

- October 23 2017
- Version 1.0 Inicial Release


Icons Used in Project – 59$ Value IcoMoon Ultimate Font
Icons Used in Project – 99$ Value Nucleo App Fonts
Fonts used in Project Google Fonts

It´s much appreciated if you can read documentation and contact me if you have any problem before give low ratings … Thanks for understanding… Enjoy…!!! :)