Hook Commerce Bundle

Hook Commerce Bundle is a powerful plugin designed to give you complete control over your WooCommerce store’s checkout process. With a user-friendly interface, this plugin offers a range of customization options that go beyond the standard WooCommerce settings, allowing you to create a seamless and easy shopping experience for your customers.

Custom Checkout Fields

Hook Commerce Bundle - 1

  • Easily add custom checkout fields with a simple toggle.
  • Field mapping options include field type, location, unique ID, validation message, label, placeholder, and classes.
  • Fine-tune the checkout process to suit your specific business needs.

Rename Checkout Field Labels

Hook Commerce Bundle - 2

  • Enhance user experience by renaming checkout field labels.
  • Enable or disable checkout field labels as needed.
  • Effortlessly manage and customize all checkout field label mappings.

WooCommerce Admin Mods

Hook Commerce Bundle - 3

  • Personalize your WooCommerce dashboard by changing the WooCommerce name.
  • Customize the WooCommerce menu icon for a branded appearance.
  • Choose singular and plural names for products that resonate with your brand.

WooCommerce Cart Mods

Hook Commerce Bundle - 4

  • Display a distinct cart item count for a clear and concise shopping summary.
  • Optimize the cart table by enabling the option to split it for improved visual appeal in alphabetical order.
  • Modify the “Continue Shopping” link to direct customers seamlessly through your store.

WooCommerce Checkout Mods

Hook Commerce Bundle - 5

  • Rename the “Place Order” button to align with your brand messaging.
  • Add compelling content under the “Place Order” button to engage customers.
  • Integrate additional content below the place order button for enhanced communication.

Hook Commerce Bundle helps you to take charge of your WooCommerce store’s checkout process, providing flexibility and customization like never before. Elevate your customer’s shopping experience and boost conversion rates with this all-in-one solution.