Holdy – Placeholder Image Generator & Widgets For Elementor

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Placeholder Image Service For WordPress

When designing websites, you may not have the images you need at first. But you already know the dimensions and adding some placeholders can help you see the layout better.

Don’t waste your time making fake images for your mockup or wireframe! Holdy, creates custom placeholder images with URLs in seconds. You can customize the images as you wish with size, color and text settings.

Server Requirements

1) PHP v8.0.0 OR GREATER.

2) GD EXTENTION: The PHP GD extension must be enabled in your PHP configuration. Most PHP installations come with GD pre-installed, but if it’s not available, please contact your hosting provider.

Placeholder Generator

You can create custom placeholder image links from the WordPress dashboard. You can copy the URL, download the image, or save the image to your media library.

Plugin Settings

Holdy comes with a settings panel that allows you to set default values for placeholder images and customize the placeholder API URL.

Custom Widgets For Elementor Page Builder

You can use Placeholder Generator widget to take Holdy to the front-end and get free backlinks to your website!

Placeholder Image widget allows you to create placeholder images for your Elementor pages in seconds.