GT Shortcodes

GT Shortcodes is a premium WordPress plugin that boosts your WordPress site/theme with simple, clean, flat & awesome looking user interface elements in the form of simple shortcodes. Creating short codes is so easy with the help of short code editor dialog boxes or the so called shortcodes generator.

Talking about numbers, there are unlimited UI element possibilities if taking into consideration all the variations, styles, types, etc.

Silent Features

  • Supports WordPress 3.3+
  • Based on Twitter Bootstrap
  • Supports Bootstrap 2.3.2 & 3
  • Simple,Clean,Flat Designed Elements
  • Responsive Elements
  • Elements Adapt To Bootstrap Theme Style
  • Light Weight Plugin
  • No Load On Database
  • Automatically Clears It’s Data From Database On De-activaton
  • Shortcode Dialog Boxes / Shortcode Generator To Easily Print Shortcodes
  • Works With Bootstrap Based Themes & Even With Non-Bootstrap Based Themes
  • Control Over CSS & JS Files. Enable or Disable As Required
  • Shortcodes Works in Posts, Pages and Widgets.
  • You can also add shortcodes in php template files by placing the shortcode inside do_shortcode function, like shown below –
                <?php echo do_shortcode('[gtglyph]'); ?>
  • Documentation
  • Vast Browser Support
  • Awesome Support