Grid Gallery with Custom Links Pro

Other Features

  • Responsive when used with responsive theme.
  • Integrated with Media Library. It uses WordPress gallery for upload and image management.
  • Not limited to thumbnails. You can select any image size from your Media Library.
  • Images can have different sizes.
  • Unlimited number of images. Add as many images as you wish.
  • A few text layouts to choose from.
  • Image frames, drop shadows, cross-fade on hover and other visual effects.
  • Support for multiple Grid Galleries on a single page.
  • You can add custom JavaScript, to track clicks on outbound links.
  • Mobile friendly. Tested in all major browsers and mobile devices.
  • Highly customizable from the back-end. For full control, you can add custom CSS.
  • One-on-one premium support.
  • Regular plugin updates. Grid Gallery with Custom Links Pro is always tested with the latest version of WordPress.