Gravity Forms Advanced Calculations

Gravity Forms Advanced Calculation is a very unique and powerful gravity forms add-on.

You can easily create very advanced calculations with your gravity forms which was not possible before.

You can build all kinds of calculators e.g loan & mortgage calculation, fitness calculators, diet calculators.

You can build very complexed order forms easily with our plugin.

Our plugin supports conditional calculations which can be very helpful when you have complex formulas to write.

IF(A1 > 150,VAL10.25,VAL10.75)

Our calculation engine is very similar to any excel engine, most of the excel formulas are supported, you can use SUM, AVERAGE, PERCENTAGE and 100s of Excel formulas with our plugin.

You can calculate days, months, years, working days with date picker or field inputs.

The possibilities are endless, we are very excited to see what forms do you build with us, if you need any help with building your next form, please let us know in the comments or get in touch by using a form on our profile page.