Fusion Builder Show/Hide Container

Show or hide Fusion Builder Container depending on:
– Login/logout status
– User role
– User
– Day of week
– WPML language


To use this plugin, you will need Fusion Builder installed and activated. There is no use in installing only this plugin as it ads features to Fusion Builder. Fusion Builder is a very popular website builder for WordPress and it is included in the very popular Avada Theme.

When the container is hidden it is NOT hidden with CSS, meaning that there is not possible for the visitor to view or read the information. You can safely store valuable or secret information in the container and hide it from unauthorized users.

The settings are specific for the current container, you set up different settings and options for each single container.


Show to logged in or logged out users
This option let you choose if the container should be visible to logged in users, not logged in users (visitors) or both (all). When selecting “Logged in users” additional options will appear to setup options for Role and Users.

Show to Role
Select the roles that should be able to see this container. The Blue ones are selected.

Show to User
Select users from the list that should be able to see the container. Blue ones are selected.

Show on Days
Select the days of the week when this container should be visible, all other days it is hidden. New day starts at 00:00 and ends 24:00. Blue ones are selected.

Show for languages
The buttons are generated from current active languages for WPML. Default all languages are selected. Choose for with languages the container should be visible, if the page/post is shown in another language, the container is hidden. WPML must be installed and activated for this option to work.