Frontend Upload

Frontend Upload is a a complete uploading plugin solution for WordPress. It can satisfy all your uploading needs. As the name states, it is aimed for frontend uploading, but it can also work wherever you might need!

It’s fully customizable through a great backend settings manager and it works via AJAX.

You can use it anywhere on your wordpress website using shortcodes or php functions. For more information check out the documentation


  • Added new option to receive data in JSON format on upload success so users can do whatever they want with the data retrieved from the uploaded file.
  • Tweaks and bug fixes


  • Added shortcode and php function parameters so you can decide if the uploader or the list of attachments are displayed only to logged in users. Check out the updated documentation for more information.


  • Improved action hook feugt_uploadedfile_after
  • Added functionality to upload to a specific post/page/custom post or to the current page/post:
    • In the shortcode you can do this by adding “upload_to=postidyouwant” for example [feuGT_show upload_to=723] or [feuGT_show upload_to=current]
    • On feugt_show function – feugt_show(postidyouwant) or feugt_show(“current”)
  • Bug Fixes