Fresh Custom Code

Main Features

  • White Label Admin – no advertising or Fresh branding anywhere
  • Small Footprint – The interface is located directly in “WP-admin -> Appearance -> Custom Code”
  • Create as many Custom Codes as you want, each with different rules, options and conditions
  • Professional Ace text editor with Emmet toolkit which lets you write your CSS code faster by expanding abbreviated CSS properties into their full form. More info can be found in their own cheatsheet (scroll down to CSS section). To quickly try Emmet type bgc into the editor and hit TAB key. It should expand to background-color
  • Supports CSS, LESS, JS and Tracking Codes (Google Analytics)
  • Conditional Logic – You can limit where will your Custom Code be used. For example you can only use your code on a single post that has a Post Format Video. Or you can limit your code to a specific theme, that’s useful if you switch themes a lot.
  • WPML support – Add rules based on language. Example: You can apply your Custom Code only if the user is viewing a French version of your website
  • Placement – place your code in the Header or Footer to get maximum flexibility/performance.
  • Prioty – set Priority where the default value is 5, highest is 1 and lowest is 10. A code with a higher priority will be printed after the code with a lower priority.
  • Status – Publish your Custom Code now or at a set time. By using the Draft feature you can write your code but it will not yet be visible to public.
  • LESS – Automatically compiles and cache your LESS syntax, you just focus on writing. Already includes several pre-defined mixins (border-radius, gradients, etc.)
  • Is included in the native WordPress content migration (Import/Export) located at “WP-admin -> Tools -> Import/Export”
  • Native one-click updates to new versions from “WP-admin -> Dashboard -> Updates” – you do not need any purchase code, it just works
  • Great for ThemeForest authors to include in their WordPress themes for sale – requires Extended license