FlickrShow 2.0

Build an interactive inview masonry picture wall from your Flickr images.

  • Create Gallery from User Photostream, Set Number or Search Term
  • Inview hide and show animation.
  • Popout scaling animation on image mouseover with alternating slight rotate animation of images for dramatic effect(Most browser support).
  • Masonry layout.
  • Pure CSS3 animations on inview load and on mouseover.
  • Optional Watermark over images on image mouseover.
  • Set larger images(static or random).
  • Title, author, views count visible information.
  • Customized prettyPhoto lightbox slideshow.
  • Photo caching for performance.
  • Shortcode options include:scale, popout_speed, image_size, thumb_size, width, num_images, margin, larger_images, larger_image_set, larger_random, larger_images_multiplier, set_number, flickrname, search, cache, cache_duration, visible_at_start, watermark_url, social_icons, sort, group.
  • Fully Responsive relayout and sizing.
  • Social Share Buttons(Firefox, IE9+, Safari) – Not on mobile browsers.
  • Mobile browser support

Side Note: If you are loading a bunch of large images and it takes a while for page loads this is normal. Even with image caching it takes a while for any server to load several images at once. Please do not complain about load times. Every step has been taken to improve image loading times.

social icons do not display correctly in Mac OSX

Credits: Code – jquery.masonry, jquery.prettyPhoto, jquery.inview, phpflickr flickr images – Sunniva Trana, o2chi, CubaGallery