Flexible Mega Menu

Flexible Mega Menu is a responsive mega menu WordPress plugin which adds extra features at the menu items and allows to customize the appearance of navigation menus. Using the menu style editor you can preview the changes the moment they occur on any of menus that you have already created.

300+ ready to use menu styles

Inspired by the Google Material colors guidelines, Flexible Mega Menu includes more than 300 ready to use menu styles with half of these in flat design, for direct use or as a basis for further edit of the menus appearance.


Responsive and mobile

Create responsive menus with optional activated the mobile version. Set in editor’s settings the breakpoint of window width below which the mobile version is activated.

Advanced mega submenus

Create mega submenus and enrich their contents with WordPress widgets and pages that can include anything you create on administration environment.

Tabs in mega menus

Organize the content of mega submenus in tabs and select their position at the right or left within the context of the submenu.

Sticky menu

Optionally stick and expand the menus at the same point of the window when users scroll down the pages of your website.

Icons and Thumbnails

Select an icon or an image thumbnail for each menu item and define its position in relation to the text of the item.

Combined with the ability of removing the texts of items, you can have a menu with no texts, just icons and/or thumbnails.

Conditional items display

Hide or show menu items by checking if the users that are browsing your website are logged in or not and filtering their roles.

Multi menu support

Customize as many menus as your theme supports even if they appear on the same page.

Browsers support

Supported by all modern browsers with Javascript enabled.

  • Chrome
  • Mozilla
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • IE9 and up, for menus results (frontend)
  • IE10 and up, for menu’s style editor (backend)