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Profi Search Form – A Search Filter for WordPress

Fully customizable | Include as widget or shortcode | Fulltextsearch with Highlighting | Filter by Custom Fields | Filter by Taxonomies | Filter any Post type you want | Conditional Fields | Range Slider | Map search

You want to provide a detail search for your WordPress Blog? Or you want that your customers have a better expierience searching the product they need? Sure, the WordPress search is fine, but wouldn’t it be better to have a search filter, which could perform something like this:

My child is seven years old and I want to buy him a gift for around 15 $?


What about a Range-Slider, where you can say, the product is supposed for users around this age, what about a priceslider and what about a selectbox, where you can select all products which are good as a gift? Profi Search Form enables you to do so.
It includes:

  • a Fulltext Search with the options to highlight the matches
  • you can decide, which texts are searched
  • a Range Search for numeric values like prices, squaremeters etc.
  • Input fields, for min/max/equal or like searches. With such a field you can for example realize a search “I am searching an apartment with min. 150 squaremeters”
  • An Area Search realized with Google Maps. Your customer can choose an area on Google Maps and he gets only results (for example apartments) out of this area!
  • Select-, Radio-, and Checkboxes!
  • An Order-By-Box, where you can define, by which values your visitor can order the search results!
  • Or decide yourself, how the results will be ordered
  • Conditional Fields. Show certain fields only, if a specific value is chosen.
  • Hidden Fields, to restrict filter results to specific categories or any other taxonomy and custom field!
  • Search button optional. You can use a search-button but you don’t have to. If you don’t use it, the filter will be activated after each new selection.
  • Reset button