FileBird Document Library Pro

You have a WordPress site and want to showcase a document gallery on your website? Well, this is where FileBird Document Library gets in to help.
This plugin is an add-on of FileBird, which has helped you categorize your media files and attachments into folders. Then, with this FileBird Document Library Pro plugin, you’re able to display those document files in a good-looking WordPress document gallery.

Who needs WordPress Document Library Pro?

If an organization or company needs to upload, update, and manage files in a more productive way, then file management is likely to be beneficial.

So this FileBird Document Library Pro plugin can come in handy if you are from:

  • Academy & Online courses: Show ebooks, materials, and resources in a compact list.
  • Nonprofits & Organizations: Allow website visitors view and download your agenda PowerPoint templates and other presentations.
  • Listings & Services: Display your brochures, planning documents, and other downloadable files.


  • Searchable and instant sort features on the front-end
  • Media grid layout
  • List/table layout
  • Adjustable pagination, link type, number of columns, and more
  • Easily upload, categorize, and display documents
  • Show document download link in button
  • Supports all document file types like PDF (Portable Document Format), Microsoft Word Document, PowerPoint, Apple document formats, .prc, .epub, .mobi, graphics, and so on.

    Why should you use FileBird Document Library?

    An online document library is an appealing source of information for online courses, events, nonprofits, curated information center, LMS, and other service listings.

    With a document collection, it’s easy for your audience to find the documents they need. Using search bar or sort functions, they’ll be able to quickly jump to the file and download it if necessary.

    A document list and media grid are considered an efficient SEO boost. It helps your website rank for further search terms like PDF, ebook, documents, books, resources, etc. So if you host PDF document file types on your blog, you’ll get more exposure on the Google search engine result pages.

    How it works

    1. Add a new Gutenberg block.
    2. Create a new page or post, then edit it using Gutenberg. In Gutenberg editor, look for the FileBird Document Library block and insert it to your page/post.
    3. Choose a folder from the settings on the right sidebar.
    4. Customize the built-in styling options.
    5. Publish the document in list or grid layout.