Elementor Widgets – Gallery, Hover Effects, Charts

Elementor hover effects have professional and 12 different hover effects and this plugin have flexible option to change hover effects easily.

Elementor isotope gallery have magnific popup and also have column changing option with same data.

Elementor charts widget have bar chart, line chart, pie chart, radar chart, polar area chart, doughnut chart. It has flexible options for creating and changing charts.


                Version 1.1 - Bar Chart
                Version 1.1 - Line Chart. 
                Version 1.1 - Pie Chart
                Version 1.1 - Polar Area Chart
                Version 1.1 - Radar Chart
                Version 1.1 - Doughnut Chart.
                Version 1.1 - Horizontal Bar Chart
                Version 1.0 - Professional and 12 Different Hover Effects
                Version 1.0 - Isotope Image Gallery with Magnific Popup