Element Plus – WPBakery Page Builder Addon

ElementPlus is an extension for Visual Bakery Page Builder Plugin. It will provide you
ability to add every kind of powerful elements. There are some features of ElementPlus:

  • 30+ powerful elements
  • Responsive design
  • High performance on website load speed
  • Security ensured
  • Guarantee of regular updates


We have released 30+ elements at the initial release and there are more items on pipeline.

Here is a complete list of all elements inside the ElementPlus

  1. Accordion
  2. Advanced Heading
  3. Banner
  4. Business Schedules
  5. Buttons
  6. Carousel Anything
  7. Charts
  8. Client Carousel
  9. Contact Us
  10. Countdown Timer
  11. Counter
  12. Gradient Heading
  13. Image Compare
  14. Info Box
  15. Marquee
  16. Modal Box
  17. Newsticker
  18. Portfolio
  19. Post Grid
  20. Pricing Table
  21. Progress Bar
  22. Progress Pie
  23. Promotional Banner
  24. QR Code
  25. Section Divider
  26. Social Share
  27. Table
  28. Tabs
  29. Teams
  30. Testimonials
  31. Thumb Gallery
  32. Timeline Grid


We would like to thank some great resources and libraries that help a lot in creating this powerful

Note: Images using in Demo are not included in the downloaded file, they used only for demo purpose.