Easy Facebook Contest

Easy Facebook Contest is Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder plugin which allows you to run unlimited Facebook contests. Please ensure you have purchased and installed the latest version of Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder before using this plugin.


  • Create and run unlimited number of contests
  • Reward users for referring friends – you can setup bonus which user will get if referred friend enter contest.
  • Easy create designs with Page Builder
  • Fan Gate – limit contest only to your fans
  • Share Gate – a quick way to share message on participant wall which all friend will see.
  • Social Sharing – people will share your page over social networks to get additional bonus (Facebook, Google+, Twitter)

Features you get with Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder

  • Easy integrate into your current WordPress site and start delivering content
  • Create Unlimited Facebook Fan Pages
  • Create Fan Pages quickly with easy to use Page Builder
  • Works with your 3rd Party Plugin your have installed
  • Create amazing pages with advanced design options
  • Fangate – display different content for fans and non-fans
  • Sharegate – display specific content only when users share your page
  • Integrate Facebook comments, send and like with easy to use shortcodes
  • Facebook Sweepstakes and Giveaways
  • Facebook Application Manager

Advantages of running Facebook Contest

  • Facebook can make your brand go viral.
  • Easy access to thousands of new potential customers.
  • Drives Traffic to Your Website.
  • Improves your SEO.
  • Create amazing promo campaigns and attract new fans.
  • Easy promote your special deals, products, services, events.
  • Increase number of fans or your mailing list with potential new customers.

A Facebook Contest is an easy way to engage Fans and convert them into email signups by enticing them with a prize. One Facebook contest can give you the same return on investment as hundreds of pieces of content, saving you hours. For small business owners and small marketing teams, this time-savings is invaluable. In this article you’ll learn how to run a Facebook Contest to achieve specific goals and grow your business.

Contests are a great way to:

  • Get exposure for your page. People – especially those on social media – love to be the first person to know about something, and to tell others about it. So give them some fodder for their social sharing habit! If your contest has a great prize, your followers are sure to share it with their social networks to maintain their reputation as a great source for information among their friends. Once their friends come to your Facebook page, they will probably give you a ‘like’. And even if they don’t their awareness of your brand has already been increased.
  • Increase your number of likes. There is an organic and an inorganic way to go about this. The first is to simply count on the virality of your contest to bring exposure to your page and gain likes that way. People who enter your contest probably already like your page, but if they don’t, they’ll be sure to like you now in order to hear when the winner is announced. Another common practice is to make liking a mandatory part of the entry process. This can be a highly effective way to gain more followers on Facebook, but be aware of what your goals for this contest are before deciding to go this route. If your goal is strictly to increase the number of people who like your brand, this is a great idea.
  • Grow your email database.
  • Facebook contests are fun for your fans!