Drag and Drop Shortcodes – WP Visual Page Builder

Drag and Drop Shortcodes is a great WP plugin with intuitive drag&drop interface and lot of elements to choose from, like: Accordions, Stats Counter, Knobs, Alert Boxes, Animation Box, Price Boxes, Progress Bar, QR Code, Service Boxes, Tabs, Team Member, Map, PayPal Buttons, Member Only Content, Tooltip, YouTube, Vimeo and self hosted HTML5 video…

With resizable and draggable sections and columns you can create any layout you want, animate column content, add parallax or video section background and many many more which lets you to create remarkable things even with mediocre or default theme.

Spice up your content and draw visitors attention to the point! Animate entrance of site elements so your site looks modern and fresh. Use modern parallax effect on sections and with professional look impress even more!

This fantastic plugin lets you create content of pages and post simply, using drag and drop interface, without messing with code. There is no need to remember any shortcode, every attribute is accessible from pop-up modal windows and forms. It is so easy even child can do it :)

If you are advanced user there is something you will like – in Text editor highlight shortcode and press Add/Edit Shortcode button, and shortcode will be loaded in modal window form. First plugin with shortcode editing!
Also all content generated with Drag and Drop is immediately added in Text content and vice versa, this way all content is available to other plugins e.g. SEO plugin.