Deski Support – WordPress Based Ticketing System


Overridable Templates:

Frontend and email templates are overridable, so you can customize them and make them look like the rest of your website design for seamless integration.

Custom Fields:

Create custom fields the customer has to fill in when submitting a new ticket. The custom fields can be global or conditional, meaning they only show for specific categories.

Custom Ticket Status:

The plugin comes with four built-in ticket statuses New, In Progress, On Hold, and Closed, but you can add custom ones to keep your customers informed, like Fixing, Investigating, Testing, etc.


You can enable or disable attachments. If you choose to enable them, you can set the allowed file types, the maximum allowed file size, and the number of files.

RTL Support:

If your site is in RTL language, the plugin will automatically detect that and change the layout.


The plugin includes translation files so that you can translate it to any language.

Canned Responses:

Create predefined answers for the frequently asked questions that can be easily appended to any ticket reply with a few clicks.

Envato Integration:

If you are selling software on Envato market, you can require a valid purchase code for customers to be able to open a ticket.

WooCommerce Integration:

Products can be easily converted to Deski categories.

Live preview/Demo:


Username: customer

Password: customer

Support Agent:

Username: support-agent

Password: support-agent

Support Manager:

Username: support-manager

Password: support-manager