Danea EasyFatt import/export for WooCommerce

Connect Danea EasyFatt to your WooCommerce website.

This plugin exposes the two URLs that EasyFatt needs to upload (export) the whole product listing and/or download (import) the orders from WooCommerce.

Import your products from Danea EasyFatt, including:

  • Product title
  • Product code (SKU)
  • Category and Subcategory
  • Picture
  • Price and optional sale price (using one of the three price lists available on Danea)
  • Description, in HTML format or plain text (using the “notes” field on Danea)
  • Tax class and rate (%)
  • Sizes and weight
  • Product variants (sizes and colors, that are the only variants selectable on EasyFatt)

You can choose to import new products as drafts or to directly publish them.

Export the order you receive on WooCommerce:

  • Order date
  • Order number
  • Customer billing data
  • List of products, with SKU, quantity and tax class

To connect your Danea to this plugin, simply copy the two URLs (import and export) that it will show you on the settings page. You have to paste them in EasyFatt (Tools > E-commerce > Update products; Tools > E-commerce > Download orders). Then start the first product export or the order import process.

Notes and Details

  • Italian translation available and included
  • If your WooCommerce website doesn’t use tax calculation, the gross price will be always used and the net price will be ignored (and the tax classes will be not imported, of course)
  • EasyFatt doesn’t have a SKU for product variants (size/color), but it exposes a different BarCode for each one. So this is imported as variant SKU
  • If you delete a product in EasyFatt, it will be deleted in WooCommerce as well, but its picture will be not deleted, to avoid content disruptions on the website
  • A complete full (re)load of the catalog will update the existing products, but pictures will be deleted and re-uploaded in new WordPress media posts
  • WooCommerce doesn’t offer fields to enter supplier/producer/link/ordered quantity/measure units for package size+weights, so these EasyFatt fields are not imported
  • The product location field is not available in WooCommerce, but it is imported as custom field (post meta), named “meta_product_location”