Coupon Locker – WooCommerce


  • Lock your WooCommerce coupon after printing it on physical marketing materials or announcing online
  • Specify locking reasons
  • Search by locking reason – standard search functionality enriched
  • Works with WordPress MultiSite
  • Translation ready
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Smart Coupons extension
  • Documentation with screenshots

Locking / Unlocking coupons

WooCommerce Coupon Locker adds a widget to your Coupon editing screen

To lock your coupon from editing, input locking reason (optionally) and click the Lock button. Once clicked, the most important Coupon fields will become uneditable and the button text will change to Unlock

NB. If coupon is locked, you can still edit some of its fields and click Update to save changes. For example, you can edit Coupon Description as it serves for your internal notes and can be changed without affecting how coupon works for your clients.

In order to unlock a locked coupon, simply click Unlock and all of its fields will become editable again.

Searching by lock reason

WooCommerce Coupon Locker incorporates a search facility to the standard WooCommerce Coupon Search functionality. So once you have one or more locked coupons with their lock reasons specified, you can enter your search word(s) and click “Search Coupons” and it will do