CookieCuttr – EU Cookie Law Compliance

The following features are supported

  • Put a top bar on every page of your website with a message to your website visitors
  • You can use Google Analytics and disable them until your website visitor has accepted cookies
  • You can enable Google Analytics until your website visitor has declined cookies
  • NEW FEATURE in v2! You can choose between “Legacy” Google Analytics and the new “Universal Analytics”
  • Physically disable elements of your website that use cookies with a friendly message
  • Show a reset button once the website visitor has accepted/declined your cookie
  • Choose to have a larger overlay with a message inside so that the website visitor has to interact before they can browse your website
  • Choose to post the script files to the head or foot of your HTML
  • The plugin comes with two functions you can run on any element of your site (for if cookies are accepted or declined), including third party plugins (you will have to edit your templates or third party plugins for this, if you’re not comfortable doing this please ask a web developer)
  • We cannot guarantee that all javascript script blocks, javascript code and third party plugins will be controllable via the Cookie cutter function or the cookies accepted/decline wrappers as there are so many code blocks out there… its difficult to test them all!
  • Edit all of the messages, button text, link text and links shown in the top bar
  • Add a really discreet link which can be placed in any corner of the page
  • Have a discreet reset link
  • Show a different message for your policy page, simply by adding the shortcode [cookiecuttrprivacy] to your chosen page
  • Hide all messages on all pages (apart from your policy page
  • Delete the standard Google Analytics cookies when a visitor presses the decline button (NEW FEATURE!)
  • All in an easy to update interface that you can even hand over to your client to manage, screenshot below.
  • In order for CookieCuttr to control your Google Analytics, you will need to remove them from your template code and disable any plugins that are currently running the Google Analytics for you.