Contractor | Create, Send, Sign Contracts Online

What Is Contractor?

Contractor is a powerful WP plugin which will allow you to create, send and save online contract for your company and your clients. It has powerful features which allows you to be completely free in creating templates using the information you need. This means that you create fields which you need and you can create as many as you like. Beside your fields you also have few of the default ones which you also should and must use.

You Create Your Fields

You are able to add unlimited number of your own fields, set their default values (so you do not type them over and over) and create unlimited number of them. These fields are called shortcodes and you can create them for your company information and for the client information. You can chose from the 4 available shortcode types:select, input, textarea, signature. With these fields you can practically create everything.

Signature field is a pace where you type your name and it will be displayed as a handwritting text. Additionally you can use input field or even insert image button to add your real signature.