Conditional Free Shipping – WooCommerce Plugin

This WordPress Plugin let you set a minimum quantity of total items and/or a minimum amount in the WooCommerce cart to get Free Shipping. You can also limit it to a subset of countries and exclude selected states or provinces inside that countries. Additional settings allow you to specify one ore more product categories for free shipping and limit the maximum cart weight.

This is a plugin for WooCommerce, it adds a new standard shipping method. Its sufficient to activate and configure it (30 seconds!) to get it working.

This lets the administrator set a rule like: “If the user has AT LEAST three items in the cart AND its total amount is AT LEAST 10$ AND he is requesting the delivery to Spain OR to France, make the shipping free; otherwise, proceed with the standard shipping rates.”

Bonus feature: Set a motivational phrase to be shown above the cart, to encourage users to reach the minimum amount to get free shipping.


1.36 FIX: On some WordPress + WooCommerce installations, minimum amount didn’t trigger free shipping with multiple quantities of same product in the cart. * Thank to user Davesev for the bug report.

1.35 NEW: Option to exclude virtual and downloadable products from the count of the minimum amount/quantity to get free shipping (default: true) * Thank to user Dissentia for the suggestion.

1.34 NEW: Now you can customize the background color of the motivational message. NEW: New setting to specify one or more delivery option that must NOT be deleted even if free shipping is activated.

  • Thanks to user Blairb for the suggestions.

1.32 NEW: Added a maximum cart weight setting. NEW: You can now specify one or more product categories for free shipping.

1.31 FIX: Some formal fixes to avoid PHP warnings. FIX: Now the plugin ZIP pack is directly installable from the WordPress admin interface.

1.30 NEW: Now you can choose to set the required quantity as a MAXIMUM quantity, so the value you set can work as an UNDER/OVER condition. For example you can tell users that free shipping is available for orders that include 3 or LESS products (thanks to user franwess for this suggestion)

1.25 NEW: Set a motivational phrase to be shown above the cart, to encourage users to reach the minimum amount to get free shipping.

1.20 Now you can block selected states or provinces from free shipping. For example you can set free shipping for the United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

1.11 FIX: Solved a bug that produced an “invalid shipping method” on some WooCommerce installations when trying to proceed to payment.

1.1 Added the possibility to define a minimum amount to get free shipping.

1.0 Initial release.