Comments Blocker – No Spam Any More

Comments Blocker idea came in mind after getting frustrated from Spam even I have been applied Captcha. Now you can stop comments by keywords and those comments will be deleted automatically after submission. You can define a list of comma separated keywords to identify Spam Comments. I have added 300 Keywords on my own website and not getting any Spam comments any more.

How it Works

Spammer are being smart and have many ways to pass captcha and we also faced this weird situation. Our developers did a meeting and decided to create something which can remove spams from database completely and this plugin came finally. A cron job runs every day to cleaning comments based on your settings.

Introducing Support Desk

We’re at flippercode, committed to excellence support to make every purchase worth for the customer. Happily announcing Support Desk for our valuable customer to engaged with multiple support desk person for fast turnout.


We’re requesting all visitors who purchased or not to send us features they want to see in next version. We’re very passionate about this product and willing it to make it worth for everyone.