CodeMatics Testimonial Slider

Testimonials are very important for your business or brand. You want to know about client’s experience about your business and people want to know about your from client’s experience before making any decision about you.

Slider testimonial is a recent development of Codematics which provides support for users and client testimonials on your website. This is highly customizable plugin where you can add and edit everything you need to change according to your needs.

This plugin helps you to embed testimonials in slider format in your website. You can add testimonials according to category and in slider form. Everything is custom in our slider testimonial, testimonials related to your category will be shown in slider format.

You can add client’s name You can add customer’s company name and link to customer You may add client’s photo OR link URL You can add link to read more You can create multiple sliders You can display recent testimonials You can add testimonials in reverse order; latest first

This plugin provides you the functionality to embed testimonials anywhere you want to put. You can add this in your widgets, you can add with the help of shortcode, and you can add it with template tag. Codematics Testimonials Slider is almost compatible with every browser in the market. So feel free to add it.