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Revolutionary Plugin Spies on Your Competition and Shows You the Latest Paid to Click Ads That Will Give You an Unfair Advantage in Business

Have you ever wondered how some ads just seem to be a hit with prospective customers. You keep seeing them being displayed and thought to yourself how/what are the owner doing to be so successful

This spyware wordpress plugin:

Installs very quick and is easy to use Makes it easy to spy on your competition Gives you insight into what Ads are working Now! Very first Pay to click spy tool Giving You an Edge

There is now no need to scratch your head and wonder this great spy tool will do the heavy lifting for you. Once you see what ads are working you could –

Copy the award winning ads and grab a piece of the traffic Use the award winning URL’s to drive traffic using Pay Per View [PPV] Tactics

The information can be updated anywhere from 1 Hour – 24 Hours. This Cron Job is set up in your WP Admin panel using one click. So no need to worry about CPanel set up!

What happens is the software goes out to Clixsense dot com [PPC] and within about one minute brings back a list of the ads that are running.