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Why should you choose Taobao Dropshipping?

Taobao Dropshipping is a promising e-commerce venture affiliated with Alibaba. Although Taobao traditionally catered to the Chinese market, it has expanded its horizons to offer global shipping, making it accessible to entrepreneurs worldwide. This innovative approach provides a diverse array of products, a low-risk entry point, and competitive pricing, making it an attractive option for drop shippers looking to tap into China’s extensive product offerings and serve an international clientele.

Why is ChinaDS – WooCommerce Taobao Dropshipping fit for you?

ChinaDS – WooCommerce Taobao Dropshipping is a fantastic tool for getting started with dropshipping on  With just some simple steps, you can connect the Taobao page and WooCommerce store using the extension.

The ChinaDS – WooCommerce Taobao Dropshipping plugin masters importing products from to WooCommerce, allowing you to save a significant amount of time migrating product data from Taobao to WooCommerce and earn money from online businesses through Taobao dropshipping.

Import products from Taobao to WooCommerce.

  • Global product rules to customize massive products.
  • Customize bulk actions for individual products, or a group of products.
  • Global product price rules make up Taobao’s product price, increasing in either multiple, percentages or by a fixed amount. The exchange rate function to convert the Chinese currency (CNY) into your country’s currency.
  • Translate the language on the Taobao page into your local language.
  • Product overriding and mapping existing Woo Products.

Fulfill the orders to Taobao

  • Global settings for fulfilling Taobao orders
  • Preview the orders on  the Taobao orders section in WooCommerce before fulfilling them on Taobao
  • Automatically fetch the order information on WooCommerce to Taobao to fulfill on Taobao
  • Fulfilling Taobao orders through the plugin extension


A. Connect and WooCommerce store

You can connect these 2 platforms WooCommerce and Taobao using the ChinaDS – WooCommerce Taobao Dropshipping extension.

B. Import products with ChinaDS – WooCommerce Taobao Dropshipping

This ChinaDS – WooCommerce Taobao Dropshipping plugin allows you to import products from Taobao to your WooCommerce store on the Taobao single product pages.

C. Manage Taobao products in ChinaDS – WooCommerce Taobao Dropshipping

You can set up global rules for products and prices, manage Taobao products in the
Import List, and quickly observe in the Imported sections before transferring to the WooCommerce store. In addition, you can customize Taobao products the same as other
WooCommerce products.

+ Setup global rules:

a. Global rules for products:

These rules will be applied in the Import list section before migrating into your WooCommerce store including:

  • Language for translation: Support converting to the site’s language, just choose your site’s language in the list.
  • Product status: Choose a default status of the imported product after they are imported to WooCommerce. The product status of the imported products can be automatically set: As publish, Pending, or Draft.
  • Product SKU:  If using the shortcode
    {taobao_product_id}, the ID of the product on Taobao will be the SKU of the product on WooCommerce.
  • Auto generate unique SKU if exists: When importing a product in the Import list, automatically generate a unique SKU by adding an increment if the SKU exists. Note: It is frequently used when you split imported variable products, all variations will turn to simple products with the same SKU, so automatically generating a unique SKU will help this case.
  • Use global attributes: By default, the variations of variable products imported from Taobao are custom attributes. If you want to convert these variations to global attributes, enable the
    Convert to global attributes option.
  • Import as a simple product: If a product just has one variation or you select one variation to import, that product will be imported as a simple product. Variation SKU and attributes will not be used.
  • Catalog visibility: This setting determines which shop pages products will be listed on. It can be:

    • Shop and search results
    • Shop only
    • Search results only
    • Hidden
  • Product description: Select to display product description and/or item specifics or not show this info in the imported product. Selection can be:

    • None: there won’t display the product description on imported products
    • Item specifics: Display the item specifics on imported products
    • Product Description: Display the product description on imported products
    • Item specifics & Product Description: Display both the item specifics and Product description on imported products
  • Use external links for images: You need to install an external storage plugin named:
    EXMAGE – WordPress Image Links plugin by VillaTheme before you can see this option. If you enable it, the original Taobao product image URL is saved on that external storage plugin, which helps to save your website storage space. This option replaces the Import description images option, which allows you to import Taobao images to your server and eat up your website storage space.
  • Import description images: Enable this option to allow importing images in the product description if they are available.
  • Default select product images: Enable it, the First image will be selected as the product image, and other images (except images from the product description) are selected in the gallery when adding the product to the import list.
  • Disable background process: When importing products, instead of letting their images download in the background, the main product image will be downloaded directly, gallery and variation images (if any) will be added to Failed images pages so that you can go there to download them manually.
  • Default categories: Fill in the category titles, imported products will be added to these categories.
  • Default product tags: Fill in the tag titles, imported products will be added to these tags.
  • Default shipping class: The shipping class chosen here will also be selected by default in the Import list.
  • Product variations are visible on the product page: Enable to make variations of imported products visible on the product page
  • Manage stock: Enable to manage stocks and import product inventories. if you disable this option, the product stock status will be set to “Instock” and product inventory will not be imported.


b. Global rules for product price:

These rules will apply in the Import list section before migrating into your WooCommerce store.

  • Exchange rate API: Support some sources Google Finance; Yahoo Finance; Cuex; Wise.
  • Exchange rate: Taobao’s product prices are defined in CNY (¥), if you want to convert to your country’s currency or another currency, let’s configure the exchange rate.

For example, your site’s currency is USD, the product price is ¥100, and the exchange rate is 1 CNY= 0.15021104 USD, so the output price  = 100×0.15021104 = $15.02

  • Update rate automatically: Support to automatically update the exchange rate with a precise schedule down to the second.
  • Setup product price rule for multi-quantity ranges. In particular, you can set a quantity range respectively with an action type.

    • Increase by a fixed amount: Add a fixed price to the imported product price.
    • Increase by percentage (%): Add an amount to the imported product price in percentage.
    • Set to: Set a fixed price for imported products.
    • Multiply with: Multiply directly with a value.
    • Set default calculation rule 

c. Product video

This plugin supports importing product video, you can configure the options in the Product video tab to import videos, customize and display videos.

d. Product splitting

This feature allows splitting variations of a variable product into single products. Particularly, you can split into single products with a number of variations available in an attribute or assign a certain variation to split.

e. Product overriding

The feature helps you save time to replace an imported product with a new product on Taobao. There are rules for you to choose which product properties remain or remove when overriding a product.

f. Product sync

Product Sync allows you to update the price and quantity of imported products on your WooCommerce store whenever these values change on the Taobao store. Go to the Product Sync tab to configure the relevant options.

g. Global rules for fulfilling the orders

After the customer orders Taobao products on your WooCommerce website, you will fulfill these with the plugin extension. But before that, let’s pay attention to the order fulfillment options in the Fulfill tab

D. Manage Taobao products in the Import List in ChinaDS – WooCommerce Taobao Dropshipping settings

This section allows customizations for all individual products before importing them to WooCommerce products.

  • Product: Customize Taobao product information.
    1. Product Title:  Name of the product. SKU: Product SKU or ID of Taobao product
    2. Product status: Taobao product status on WooCommerce stores such as Public, Pending, or Draft.
    3. Catalog visibility: Select type of product visibility such as Shop and search results; Shop only; Search result only.
    4. Categories: Choose the categories the Taobao product belongs to.
    5. Tags: Tag for Taobao products on the WooCommerce store.
  • Description: Customize Taobao product descriptions.
  • Attributes: Customize Taobao product attributes. Shortly, you can edit attribute terms for each product in this tab, just click on the Edit button and modify terms. You can delete an attribute if you no longer need it.
  • Variations: Customize Taobao product variations.
    1. The number of variations of the products: You can select a or some, and also all variations to import.
    2. Product variation images: You can select a or some, as well as all product variation images to import.
    3. SKU: SKU of variation products can be editable.
    4. Variations of product, you can edit variation terms in the Dropship & Fulfil > Product Attribute tab for all attributes of all imported products or in the Import List > Attributes for each product.
    5. Cost: Display the original price of the product on Taobao.
    6. Display the Sale price and Regular price of Taobao products on the WooCommerce store. These prices are calculated after applying rules in the Product price tab.
  • Gallery: Observe and select images to import to the media library.
  • Bulk action: This allows interaction with a range of selected products. Just select products applied bulk action, and bulk action feature will appear including settings: Categories; Tags; Status: Public; Pending; Draft; Visibility: Shop and search results; Shop only; Search results only; Hidden; Import selected; Remove selected.


E. Manage Taobao products in Imported in ChinaDS – WooCommerce Taobao Dropshipping settings

This section allows us to quickly observe Taobao products that are imported to WooCommerce products, and also do product overriding products.

  • Quickly observe Taobao products that are imported into WooCommerce products including Product title, SKU, Cost, and WooCommerce price.
  • Overriding products: Do override an alternative product for the initial one. In detail, you can go to the Product Overriding tab to set rules for overridden products.

F. Fulfill the Taobao Orders

  • Global Settings for Fulfilling Taobao Orders: This feature allows you to set up certain global configurations for the process of fulfilling Taobao orders within your WooCommerce store. These settings provide a streamlined approach to managing Taobao orders.
  • Preview Taobao Orders in WooCommerce: Within the Taobao orders section of your WooCommerce store, you can view a preview of the Taobao orders before deciding to fulfill them. This preview allows you to review the order details and ensure accuracy before taking any further actions.
  • Automatic Order Information Fetching: This functionality enables to automatic fetch of order information from WooCommerce and transfer it to Taobao.
  • Fulfilling Taobao Orders via Plugin Extension: With this feature, you can use the plugin extension to facilitate the fulfillment of Taobao orders directly from your WooCommerce store.