Checklist WordPress Plugin – Check List Builder

The Easiest Way To Add Checklists in WordPress.

CheckList Plugin is the best way to get more engagement out of your blog posts.

While you are in the flow of writing a post, simply and quickly add a good-looking checklist to enrich your content.

This no-nonsense plugin makes it super-easy to add checklists, enriching your content so your visitors enjoy reading your blog!

Quickly Make Posts & Pages More Engaging

To keep your blog visitors engaged it’s becoming more and more important to mix content types. A big block of text is not all that appealing, and it’s too hard to quickly add pretty CheckLists to a post or page. That’s why I’ve made CheckList Plugin, which makes it really, really easy to do just that.

Visitors love looking at checklists, it’s a great way to improve your content!

CheckList Plugin Features:

  • Easily Add, Edit & Insert CheckLists
  • Add’s diversity to your content (no more walls of text!)
  • Works in Posts and Pages
  • 3 Built-in themes
  • Super Easy Install
  • Lightweight Code
  • Multiple browser’s supported (IE 7+, IE10, Safari 3+, iOS Safari, Chrome 3+, Firefox 3+, Opera 10+)
  • Also works with widgets and theme’s
  • Did we tell you it’s easy to install?