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About Booster Elementor Addons
Booster Addons plugin that comes with creative widgets that will boost your Elementor page builder experience. Booster Elementor Addons comes with more than 70 unique & stylish elements that allow you to create modern web pages with ease. Booster also offers you some advanced & unique features that gives you more control over your website such as, a Widgets Manager, an Icons Manager, Custom code & more…

Booster Widgets

Booster Extensions

  1. Particle Effects: Add amazing particle effects on your Elementor sections.
  2. Advanced Tooltip: Add advanced tooltips to any widget on Elementor with custom styling, effects & positions.
  3. Advanced Backgrounds: Apply advanced backgrounds on your section with amazing styling & transition effects.
  4. Background Parallax: Boost Elementor default background with parallax effects & auto moving transitions.
  5. Elements Parallax Scroll: Add parallax effects on any Elementor widget.
  6. Reading Progress: Add a progress bar indicator in the top of your page, during the scroll down it will indicates the current reading position.
  7. Animated Gradient: Attract your website visitors by applying anamited gradient background on your sections.
  8. Background Objects Decoration: Add amazing shapes & objects to your sections background with custom animation & effects.
  9. Element CSS Transform: Add CSS transform values (Scale, Rotate & Tranform) for all your Elementor elements.
  10. Image Shape Mask: Display your images in a unique way by apply amazing SVG masking shapes.
  11. Cross Domain Copy Paste: Copy & paste your elements or full page from a domain to a whole different domain.
  12. Element Reveal: Add amazing decoration & reveal effect & transition to your elements.

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