Better Post Templates

Better Post Templates provides a simple, easy-to-use post template system to WordPress. Instead of opening an old post for editing, copying and pasting various details into a new post and saving, you can create a post template and load it automatically (or manually) every time you create a new post!

Example: Say you’re a photographer who blogs about your wedding shoots. It’s likely that each one of these posts will have a similar format, with the same general outline and content. With Better Post Templates, you could create a template called Wedding Shoots, and load it anytime you’re posting about a wedding.

Going further, if you have specific templates that should be used for specific content types, you can have your templates automatically loaded each time a new post is added to that post type.

Example: Say you have a ‘Book Reviews’ post type. You could create a ‘Book Review’ template that is loaded each time you click ‘Add New Book Review’. Magically!

Better yet (no pun intended), Better Post Templates supports every aspect of a WordPress post. Here are the field you can set in your templates:

  • Title
  • Excerpt
  • Content
  • Taxonomies (tags, categories, custom)
  • Featured Image
  • Post Format
  • Custom Fields
  • Page Template (only works for pages)
  • Page Order

Beyond this, you can even use PHP inline in your templates to create content that is dynamically generated each time the template is loaded.

Example: You could automatically insert the date into a ‘Recipe of the Month’ post title. (See my walkthrough video for more information!)

Full Feature List

  • Create post templates
  • Load post templates manually or automatically
  • Full Custom Post Type (CPT) support
  • Full Taxonomy Support (including custom taxonomies)
  • Works with featured images / other attachments
  • Dynamic PHP in post templates
  • Link templates to specific Custom Post Types
  • Works with shortcodes
  • Save time!