Better Google Maps for Visual Composer

Better Google Maps for Visual Composer is the most complete map generating plugin with Google Maps API available on the market. The features available are grouped to set the general options of the map:

  1. Zoom set the zoom level for the map
  2. Auto zoom will set the map’s zoom so that all markers will be visible when the map loads
  3. Map width set the width of the map
  4. px / % set the width of the map as a fix number of pixels or a relative value as a %
  5. Map height set the height for the map
  6. Map type Select between the google predefined map types(roadmap, hybrid, terrain, satellite)
  7. Show Controls hide or display the control options on the interface
  8. Enable keyboard zoom enable or disable keyboard controls
  9. Allow map drag enable or disable the dragging option for the map
  10. Allow wheel scroll enable or disable the mouse scroll wheel from zooming in and out

Setting up markers is done by adding Markers Groups. For each Markers Group you can set the options:

  • Group Name Set the name of the group. When you have more than one group the filter will be displayed using the names added for each group
  • Group Marker Set the marker group
  • strokeWeightSet the width(in px) for the border of the marker
  • strokeColor set the color of the border
  • strokeOpacityset the opacity of the border
  • fillColor set the color of the marker
  • fillOpacity set the opacity of the marker

and in each markers group you can add markers with the following options:

  • Coordinates Set the longitude and latitude of the marker you want to display
  • Infowindow Title Set the title of the marker.
  • Infowindow ContentSet the content of the info window for the marker