BetaShot – Feedback Form with Screenshot

BetaShot is a WordPress plugin that will fill the gap between a simple contact form and the comprehensive feedback form with screen-shots. Our solution will be a great asset to every web site owner who is expecting feedback from their users. Not only they can send feedback, but as a plus they can also record a screen-shot with it seamlessly and send as an attachment right form the simple slide-in form.

Best part: Users can highlight certain sections of the page to point out exactly what they are talking about. Maybe a bug, spelling mistake or a new idea. The highlighted areas will be be displayed to the site owner with the message so they’ll know where the problem is.

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Suitable for:

  • Web designers to get feedback from clients
  • Beta testers
  • News web sites
  • Teachers
  • Reviewers
  • Anyone who has a wordpress web site and looking for bugs reports, user feedback


  • Whole page screenshot
  • Screenshot with highlighted area
  • Simple ON/OFF slider buttons
  • Ability to position the form on any side of the screen
  • Slide in and out
  • Ability to set custom status messages/email subject
  • Alomst zero overhead Invisible captcha protection
  • Screenshot attached as a PNG
  • Responsive ready
  • Plug and play operation