bbPress Private Content

Private Content is a WordPress plugin that works with bbPress forums. It places a text area field in the forms to create a new topic or reply or editing an existing one. Private content entered here is hidden from users and only visible to moderators and the user who authored the topic or reply with the private content.

This is useful for example if you run a support forum where your users need to share sensitive information and you don’t want to disrupt the thread flow asking a user to send it to a private email address. Users can enter the private information in this field and it will be kept hidden for everyone but the moderator and themselves.

If you allow topic or reply editing, users can edit this information at any time editing the thread entry.

If you’ve previously bought one of my plugins, this is the same plugin in use in thesupport forums.


  • textarea element for topic and reply forms to enter private information
  • only moderators and the user who entered the private information can see it
  • option to load the page with any private content initially collapsed and an arrow to expand and view it
  • customize colors from plugin settings page using visual controls
  • enter Custom CSS in settings page to closely match your site’s appearance
  • developers can take advantage of the filters included
  • font icons that look great in normal and high density displays like Retina display
  • support for Right-to-Left (RTL) languages
  • complete documentation
  • friendly and experienced support