Awesome Gallery

Awesome Gallery was built to help you building nice looking galleries using images pulled from various sources, like posts, attachments, pages, custom post types including WooCommerce products, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, 500px albums, NEXTGEN Gallery, and even RSS feeds.

Feature highlights

  • Top priority – easy to use admin interface. No tech skills and rocket science required, just follow step by step instructions.
  • 3 layout modes – horizontal flow, vertical flow and classic grid. You can read more about them below.
  • 7 image sources. All most popular services included and counting.
  • 10 style presets, unlimited colors and lots of options including custom CSS support.
  • Really flexible look with lots of options. But still no rocket science!
  • Load more / Infinite scroll support + easily handles hundreds of images.
  • 3 built-in lightboxes – Magnific popup, PrettyPhoto and Swipebox.
  • 3 external lightboxes support – free JetPack Gallery, a and gorgeous premiumiLighbtox and FooBox lightboxes.
  • Unique builtin support feature is rarely needed, but makes things much easier when a trouble strikes.
  • Responsive and Retina-ready.

All Features

  • Layout customisation – you can change image width / height parameters, image spacing.
  • Gallery max width can be restricted, and alignment applied.
  • One-image galleries are supported for sake of uniform image presentation.
  • Rocket fast CSS3 image effects – grayscale, and blur.
  • Customisable image borders and shadow.
  • Customisable overlays with unique CSS3 animations.
  • Customisable captions with unique CSS3 animations.
  • Customisable filters.
  • You can use Google fonts for captions.
  • Data pre-fetching technology. When the cached data from services like Flickr is about to expire – it is refreshed in background without adding a delay to page loads.
  • Data unavailable notifications – if the data for any of the galleries will become unavailable, a message is send to site admin and the most recent version of data is used for displaying a gallery.
  • Self-diagnostics and problem reporting using an unique builtin support feature.
  • JetPack photon support for blazing fast performance and reliability.
  • CDN support – you can enter CDN host name and all the images URLs will become based on that domain.
  • CSS override for images, captions, filtering and load more feature.
  • Automagic updates.
  • Localization-ready. (using standard WordPress technique).
  • No data will be lost during updates.
  • Multiple awesome galleries on the same page work just fine.