Auto Send Virtual KeyCard Products / Image Codes

With this PHP script it’s possible to send virtual products to your customers automatically. For instance if you are selling Xbox Live, World of Warcraft, iTunes, Playstation (PSN) cards or any other image based products you can easily send them to your customers using this script.

As soon as your customer checks out in your Woocommerce based e-commerce store, the hook in this PHP script will check if the product the customer ordered is available for direct delivery. If it is, it will not only show the product image immediately after the checkout process, but this script will also e-mail the product to the customer.

Your stock is automatically updated and all the sold cards are moved automatically to a “used” folder on your server so it’s easy for you to keep track of which cards are used and sold, and which cards are not.

Key Features:

  • Shows products directly after the customer makes the payment
  • Sends a copy to your customer by e-mail
  • Contents of the e-mail is fully configurable
  • Works even when a customer orders a virtual and physical product
  • Script saves all the used codes in a separate clear folder
  • Updating your stock is as easy as uploading new images and updating the number of available items in WooCommerce
  • Supports 1 or more products during checkout
  • Text/CSV based version available, please contact me using the support tab