ARB | Appointment Reservation and Booking Solution for WooCommerce

ARB Reservations plugin is an easy-to-use and easy-to-manage booking tool, which is the most flexible Booking Platform based on WooCommerce. This WooCommerce extension plugin allows your customers reserve hotel rooms or resorts, appointments for courses, doctors, salons and any other businesses which require appointment booking.



Complex Type of Pricing Grid Required?

If you are trying to find a booking engine that has flexible pricing machine to handle a complex type of pricing grid like this:

Adults: 1 & 2 = $150/night (flat rate for couple)
Adults: 3, 4 & 5 or more = add $30/night / person

Children: 6 to 12 years = add $15/night
Child 0 to 6 years = free

You need ARB if you are searching for a booking plugin that can send notification and reminder emails with nice and polish email templates to the persons who booked your product.

You need ARB if you need any of the following features:

  • Choose Different Pricing for Different Room Types
  • Choose Different Pricing for Different Person Types
  • Ajax Pricing Calculation Makes things Automatic
  • Set Minimum and Maximum Number of Participants
  • Send Reminder to Clients about their Reservations
  • View and Manage orders from Admin panel
  • Option to switch on/off Require Confirmation
  • Option to switch on/off Cancellation
  • Never get Reserved when Slots are Full
  • Accepts multiple Payment Gateways like PayPal Payments
  • Cash on Delivery, Bank Transfer, Check Payments etc
  • Certain days you can select in a week as not reservable
  • Already reserved rooms cannot be booked again by customers

Then, you have found the plugin you need. ARB plugin lets you setup complex pricing like the above scenario. The booking form will do the job itself while you can seatback and relax.

Note: Some images in the live preview are used for preview purpose only and not included in the final purchase files.