APO – Automatic Amazon Affiliate Product Availability Plugin for WordPress

APO Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin Features:

  • Control a product across your site within different posts and pages at once
  • Automatic product availability checking daily, weekly…
  • Product availability Email notification to admin or other moderators
  • Click Counter for outgoing affiliate links
  • Easy to use with Gutenberg blocks and shortcodes, Hover and click to copy shortcodes and block IDs
  • Add automatic product availability feature to any other Amazon affiliate plugin
  • Compatible with all other affiliate plugins like AAWP plugin
  • Nested Shortcode for Dynamic Amazon product ASIN integration with other plugins
  • APO supports all Amazon international websites and is translated in Spanish and ready for other languages

Make an APO product and add your affiliate product content layout manually or using any other plugin.

Insert products anywhere using APO Blocks, insert product links using APO shortcodes.

Get daily Email notification with all product availability status.

APO nested feature lets you use shortcode inside shortcode, dynamic product ASIN lets you combine APO plugin with any other Amazon affiliate plugin, Adds automatic availability feature to any other plugin.

APO Plugin is also translate ready, that means you can translate any plugin fields to your preferred language using WPML or qTranslate or just by editing the language files with an editor.

This Plugin won’t create product layout, it checks for your Amazon product availability and notifies while you can use any other plugin for creating your product layout.

Amazon Product Organizer – APO WordPress Plugin