Ajax Post Preview

Long Story Short

This plugin gives the ability to users to see the preview of the entire post by hovering over to Post Title. It provides four different preview template presets. However, you can create your own preview template too if you don’t like any of these presets. This plugin provides a lot of options for typography customization. You can use any Google fonts, change font colors, styles, sizes, line-height etc from admin panel. Also you can configure the JavaScript effects to control how the post preview pop-up will appear.

The Long Story

  • Currently in version one, there are four preset templates : Default, Light Blue, Violet and Black. I’ll make more templates in the future on request.
  • By default, The following elements will be displayed on post preview:
    1. On first line, Post Title
    2. On second line, Author name (left) and Post date (right)
    3. On third line, there is a horizontal line
    4. And under that line, the entire Post Contents

    However, you have total control of which elements you want to hide or show, and can hide any of these elements from Admin Panel. You also have options to change the background color or horizontal line properties (color/width).