AI Scribe – Content Writer, OpenAI, GPT

Important: AI Scribe employs the GPT generative text API from OpenAI, which is a paid service. You will be responsible for the associated costs based on your usage. For more information on pricing, please visit the OpenAI pricing page.

AI Scribe is an AI-driven content generator for WordPress that leverages the OpenAI API to produce high-quality, original content. It uses the same technology behind ChatGPT to create customized written content aligned with your objectives and requirements.

Built with React JS, AI Scribe features sleek controls and instant-loading template pages.

See the Screenshots below.

This tool streamlines the process of generating captivating and engaging content for websites, blogs, and other digital platforms. Bloggers, marketers, and business owners alike can save time and effort while producing top-notch content that appeals to their target audiences.

Generate content using the provided templates either in the AI Scribe app within WP Admin or directly in the blocks editor for a page or post. The AI Scribe app is also accessible in the sidebar of the post or page editor in WordPress.

AI Scribe offers over 20 templates for content generation. To generate high-quality content, each template requires you to provide relevant information, such as the topic, target audience, and key points or takeaways.

Remember, the output quality is directly related to the quality of the input. This plugin is designed to help you offer the right input that optimizes AI’s potential. Each of the 20+ AI Scribe templates includes clear, comprehensive instructions on the information needed to be submitted to the AI for generating unique, high-quality content.

Main Features

1. AI Scribe is a fast-loading, highly intuitive React JS app that allows you to harness AI for text generation, based on your chosen prompt, keywords, writing style, tone, and language.

2. The user interface features elegant controls and instant-loading template pages thanks to React JS. You’ll enjoy working with AI Scribe.

3. The 20+ templates are designed to help you create high-quality content. Each template includes detailed instructions on the input AI requires to generate content. AI Scribe guides you through the process step by step to ensure the AI understands your specific needs. It’s not just another gimmicky app that promises unrealistic results.

4. Choose between two apps: one as the AI Scribe page in WP Admin, and another as a sidebar app in the blocks editor for Posts and Pages. Using the sidebar AI Scribe app in the editor, you can insert the generated content into the blocks editor with just one click.

5. The 20+ templates cater to a wide range of needs. Generate blog posts, create content for your pages, rephrase/rewrite/expand/shorten/summarize sentences, or produce sales copy and marketing content for web pages or social media.

6. Customize the instructions sent to AI to obtain content tailored to your specific requirements. Most AI tools lack such granular control, but our tool strikes a balance by offering essential controls without overwhelming you. Template pages are thoughtfully designed to include only the crucial options needed for the AI to deliver outstanding results.

7. AI Scribe makes creating quality content easier and more affordable than ever. If you’ve used content generation tools like Jasper/Jarvis, Copy AI, or Writesonic, you’ll find AI Scribe just as effective while saving you hundreds of dollars annually. With more templates and features planned, this tool will only improve over time.


AI Scribe template list displayed after activating the plugin

The template list for AI Scribe WordPress plugin

Settings page for entering OpenAI parameters

The AI Scribe settings page

AI Scribe app showcasing the template list and an open template page before content generation

The AI Scribe template editor with template list on the left

Template page displaying generated content ready for copying

The AI content generated in the AI Scribe dashboard

Clear instructions provided for each template’s input requirements, along with the option to modify actual instructions or prompts sent to AI, tailored to user needs

The prompt customization and instructions for generation of content in template editor

Quick Settings panel within the Template Dashboard, useful for adjusting OpenAI parameters swiftly before generating content

The quick settings panel in the AI Scribe template dashboard

AI Scribe sidebar app accessible in the blocks editor for Posts and Pages

The AI Scribe sidebar app in the Posts/Page editor

Template page as part of the AI Scribe sidebar app. Open the Template List using the top-left menu control or navigate back to the template list page to select another template

The template editor part of AI Scribe sidebar in posts/page editor of WordPress

Scrollable list featuring 20+ templates in the AI Scribe sidebar app for easy selection

The template list navigation bar in the AI Scribe sidebar app

Content generated within the AI Scribe sidebar app

The AI content generated in the AI Scribe sidebar app

Insert generated content directly into the blocks editor for a page/post, or copy the content for use elsewhere

The insertion of generated AI content into the blocks editor for Page/Post in WordPress

Change Log

Version 1.1
Fixed - Occasional timeout errors
Updated - Translation files
Version 1.0
Added - Initial Release