Advertisement & Branding for Flow-Flow Social Stream

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WordPress Social Stream advertisement and branding

Personalize your Flow-Flow WordPress Social Stream with branding and advertisement cards. Make sticky and always show any custom content: your brand info with links to social profiles, custom advertisements or third-party advertisements like Google AdSense, any announcements, event promotions and whatever you think of.

This Flow-Flow extension will allow you to earn money by placing advertisement on your streams. If you run hashtag campaign you can make hero card with info. With so many ways to utilize custom cards it’s definitely a great extension of Flow-Flow Social Stream functionality.

* This item is plugin extension. It requires Flow-Flow — WordPress Social Stream Plugin v2.5+ to work. *


  • Create and design custom cards
  • Google AdSense ads
  • Campaign stats including views, clicks and conversion
  • Show ads after each [N] posts
  • Create campaign and connect to one or multiple social streams
  • Set campaign start and end date
  • Powerful drag and drop card builder
  • Randomize ads order
  • Sticky position of your ads on grid

WordPress Social Stream advertisement and branding

How it works

After installation new tab Campaigns will appear on your Flow-Flow admin page. On that tab you will be able to create campaigns with custom cards and attach them to any existing social stream you already have. Campaigns can be run for a limited period of time with access to performance analytics like views and clicks (performance of third-party iframe ads like AdSense should be checked in its respective admin).




[1.0.4] [Feature] AdBlock detection and messaging
[1.0.4] [Feature] Using shortcodes in custom card
[1.0.3] [Fix] Cloning campaigns issue
[1.0.2] [Tweak] Margin added for AdSense card with label to not overlap
[1.0.2] [Tweak] When whole card link is set it doesn't adds extra space at the bottom of card now
[1.0.2] [Tweak] Link in preview cannot be clicked and you won't be redirected from admin
[1.0.2] [FIx] Lightbox worked incorrectly after Show More clicked (main plugin update needed)
[1.0.2] [FIx] Label was not displayed after Show More clicked
[1.0.1] [Improvement] Cards are also added in content pulled with Show More button
[1.0.0] Initial release