Add To Cart Suggestion Popup – WooCommerce

Add To Cart Suggestion Popup – WooCommerce

The main purpose of this plugin to increase sales of your WooCommerce store. This plugin allows merchant to select and show the products as suggestion with nicely designed popup, once user add any product in the cart. The popup will be displayed on front-end after any products added to the cart. Admin can easily customize the color of this popup to match with their theme so look and feel would be easily changed as needed. On the top, all the text of the popup can be managed from plugin settings page so admin can control it from plugin settings page.

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  • Increase your sales by displaying suggestive products.
  • Manage relevant category products in popup.
  • Works well for the product listing page and product detail page.
  • Easily style the popup to match with the current theme.
  • Suggesting more products to be bought.
  • Indirectly force user to buy more products.
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with WordPress 4.0+ and WooCommerce 3.0+


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