Add Ons WordPress Plugins

Read Aloud Plugin Real-Time Text-to-Speech for WordPress

 Read Aloud – Elevate Website Accessibility with Advanced Voice Technology Read Aloud is an innovative WordPress plugin designed to transform your website into a more accessible platform. It offers high-quality, real-time text-to-speech functionalities. This premium plugin leverages the power of the ResponsiveVoice API to provide a seamless auditory experience, making your website more inclusive and

BWD Smart Post List Addon For Elementor

 The BWD Smart Post List Elementor Addon is a versatile plugin designed to enhance your WordPress site with beautiful, dynamic post lists and grids. Tailor your content display with numerous customizable options, including various layout designs, pagination styles, and interactive filtering. Ideal for bloggers, news websites, and portfolio showcases, this addon seamlessly integrates with Elementor,

Clloh Chosen Field for Elementor Form

 Clloh Choosen Field for Elementor Form – Best Select field replacement. Users can easily search for an item within thousand options or select multiple options easily, also has a better interface. This plugin will enhance the standard select field to the chosen field. The chosen field has search bar which will help the users to

BWD WooCommerce Product Compare Addon For Elementor

 Supercharge your WooCommerce store with the WooCommerce Product Compare Elementor Addon! Seamlessly integrate advanced product comparison features into your website using the power of Elementor. Enhance the shopping experience for your customers with a user-friendly interface, customizable templates, and dynamic updates. With this plugin, empower your customers to make informed purchasing decisions by comparing products

KiviCare – Encounter Body Chart (Add-on)

  Worried about your project’s success? Hire our IT Experts KiviCare – Encounter Body Chart (Add-on) for KiviCare enables allows you to visualize and document your physical finding during your KiviCare Encounter. Introducing our innovative KiviCare – Encounter Body Chart (Add-on), the ultimate tool for comprehensive body mapping. Seamlessly integrated into our product suite, this

Elementor Addon for IDonatePro – Blood Donation, Request And Donor Management

 Introducing the iDonatePro Elementor Addon, a seamless integration designed to enhance the functionality and ease of use of the iDonatePro – Blood Donation, Request, and Donor Management WordPress Plugin within your Elementor-powered website. This addon empowers users to effortlessly incorporate all the vital features of iDonatePro without the need to manually insert shortcodes. With a

Preview Mode Addon for Real 3D Flipbook

 This addon extends Real3D Flipbook for WordPress by adding option to enable flipbook preview mode (limited number of pags) based on condition (Logged out user). It requires Real3D Flipbook WordPress plugin version 3.66 or greater installed and activated. Available settings are Show preview mode (Logged out, Never) Preview mode number of pages

Events Showcase For Elementor And The Events Calendar

 Introducing “Eventful – Events Showcase for The Events Calendar: Elementor Edition” – a powerful and user-friendly plugin specifically designed for Elementor users to exhibit their events in a more dynamic and engaging manner. Building upon the success of our original plugin, this Elementor version brings the same level of elegance and functionality to the popular

BWD Card Bundle For Elementor

 “BWD Card Bundle For Elementor” has 10 lightweight Elementor base Card plugins to add almost all essential and attractive Card sections to your Elementor website without any coding knowledge. The plugin has unique preset designs that look awesome. Bundle value $100. Get it now for only $25. “BWD Card Bundle For Elementor” revolutionizes website design

Smart Post Layout for Elementor

 Smart Post Layout for Elementor – Elevate your WordPress site with this powerful plugin designed specifically for Elementor users. Drawing inspiration from our acclaimed shortcode version, “Smart Post Layout for WordPress,” this Elementor-exclusive plugin brings the same sophistication and versatility to your page designs, enabling you to showcase your blog posts in an elegant manner.