Add Ons WordPress Plugins

Wiloke Featured Products Elementor

 Wiloke Featured Products: An Elementor Essential for WooCommerce Enthusiasts! Introducing Wiloke Featured Products – the premium Elementor widget that every WooCommerce store needs. This isn’t just another plugin; it’s a potent tool designed to transform how you showcase your top products, captivating visitors and turning browsers into buyers. Ever wondered how to make your bestsellers,

NFT Artisty Pro (OpenSea NFT Marketplace)

  “NFT Artistry Pro Addon for Elementor: Elevate your website with stunning NFT galleries. Seamlessly integrate NFTs, showcase details, and real-time market data. Effortlessly create an immersive NFT art experience without coding.” “BWD Elementor Addons Bundle” has 110 lightweight Elementor base WordPress plugin to add almost all essential and attractive sections for your website. This

Contact Form 7 – Intercom – Integration

 Contact Form 7 Intercom Integration – get data from your forms created in Contact Form 7 into your Intercom account. After sending the form, a new contact is created in your Intercom (if it does not exist) and a new Ticket is created with all the data from your form in its body. Integrate your

Recaptcha Addon For BWL Pro Voting Manager

  Recaptcha Addon For BWL Pro Voting Manager introduces an additional layer of security checks to prevent fraudulent voting attempts originating from automated bots effectively. It enhances the overall integrity and authenticity of the voting process by ensuring that only legitimate user interactions are counted. Addon Features: Easy settings & automatic integration. Custom Options Panel.

Wiloke 3D Slider Elementor Addon

  Introducing Wiloke 3D Slider Elementor Addon – a cutting-edge addition to your web design toolkit! This plugin seamlessly integrates with Elementor, providing a unique slider experience for your visitors. Why Choose Wiloke 3D Slider? Stunning 3D Effects: Utilizing the power of CSS’s 3D and transform properties, we bring you a slider like no other.

BWD Progress Master Kit Addon For Elementor

 “Enhance your Elementor design prowess with the BWD Progress Master Kit Addon. This dynamic extension offers a versatile range of widgets, including progress bars, countdown timers, animated pie charts, and more, making it a must-have for creating engaging and visually appealing websites. Elevate your web design game with easy customization options and seamless integration into

BWD Content Switcher Plus Addon For Elementor

  The “Content Switcher Plus Addon for Elementor” is your key to effortlessly creating dynamic, interactive web content. Seamlessly integrate tabbed content sections into your Elementor-powered website, customize them to match your design vision, and enjoy the benefits of responsive design and dynamic content loading. Enhance user engagement, streamline navigation, and elevate your web design

BWD Offcanvas Slide Magic Addon For Elementor

  “Experience web design magic with Offcanvas Slide Magic, the ultimate Elementor addon. Elevate your website’s interactivity and user experience effortlessly. Craft stunning off-canvas menus, effortlessly responsive and animated, with this feature-packed plugin. Say goodbye to the mundane and hello to an immersive web design journey. Unleash the power of Offcanvas Slide Magic today.” “BWD

BWD Trigger Lottie Animation Addon For Elementor

  “Enhance your Elementor-powered websites with the Trigger Lottie Animation Addon! Effortlessly integrate captivating Lottie animations, boost user engagement, and create interactive web designs with ease. Choose from a rich library of animations, customize them to match your branding, and trigger them based on user interactions. Elevate your Elementor game and make your websites stand

Calumma – Elementor Widgets For Palleon WordPress Image Editor

  Important: Calumma requires Palleon to be installed. Buy Palleon Now! Template Widgets Calumma comes with custom Elementor widgets that are fully customizable and easy to use. You can showcase your Palleon templates like on with the following Elementor widgets. Ajax Grid Widget: After clicking the load more or search button the browser updates